Trinity College Dublin – Long Room Hub has an amazing panel set up for Thursday, May 30

Really enjoyed taking part in the Kule Institute’s innovative “around the world” symposium on digital culture. Great way to run an event :)

Kule Institute for Advanced Study

Trinity College Dublin – Long Room Hub – panel:

1) Dr Sandra Collins, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland, The Royal Irish Academy.  The Digital Repository of Ireland

The Digital Repository of Ireland is building an interactive national trusted digital repository for contemporary and historical, social and cultural data held by Irish institutions, providing online access and interactive multimedia tools, for use by the public, students and scholars. DRI works to raise awareness of the need and benefits of digital preservation and open access, while respecting and acknowledging ownership, rights, privacy and confidentiality. Rereading and rewriting history is predicated on the preservation and access to data, information and knowledge in archives – and increasingly by digital means, as online data increases by an estimated 50% per annum.

2) Dr. Owen Conlan, Assistant Professor School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin; Coordinator of the CULTURA FP7…

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