The greatest value of social is what it leaves behind… A treasure trove for business insight!

Social isn’t just about collaboration… When looking at social business as a driver of business insight its critical to see it in a broader context. Social technologies have the potential to become the enabler for all aspects of human interaction across the enterprise; collaboration, cooperation, and everything in between. Giving us:

  • Transparency of Communication:
    Moving from e-mail to micro-blogging, meetings to commununities, forums, & wikis.
  • Frictionless Redistribution of Knowledge:
    Through social bookmarking, tagging, liking, recommending, communities, files, forums, blogs & wikis.
  • Deconstructing Knowledge Creation:
    Breaks down the knowledge creation process capturing contributors & contributions.
  • Serendipitous Discovery & Innovation:
    Facilitating interchange of ideas across geographical & organizational boundaries (disruptive innovation occurs at network edges).

And for us analytics folks, the most interesting part of Social is what it leaves behind; The Social Graph that when combined with business process interactions results in a more generalized Business Network that connects the digital breadcrumbs across the organization. It’s just gold dust for anyone with an interest in bigdata analytics :-)

Digital Breadcrumbs

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