Some thoughts about bigdata analytics & crowdsourcing

You really do get to meet the most interesting folks through social media, and last week I got to connect with the guys from G2 Crowd. They have a really neat solution which crowdsources technology reviews with a view to generating valuable insights which will help companies make technology buying decisions.

Making a technology decision for your company is clearly not the same as buying a smartphone; its frequently expensive either in upfront costs or through its impact on your business. It’s also a complex process that has many different factors to take into consideration; size of your business, the current technologies you are using, existing business processes, policies, security, industry, solutions, geography, organizational culture, skills, structure, short-term cost vs. long-term value, and so on… the list is endless. So its clearly not a simple “people who bought X bought Y” recommender scenario, however this is where analytics applied to large volumes of crowdsourced data gets really interesting.

This is the topic that the folks at G2 Crowd asked me to talk about on their blog. So if you are interested in hearing my perambulations on the topic, just pop over to their blog. My post is called Will crowdsourcing Big Data Analytics put the analyst firms out of business?. And I would definitely recommend checking out their site, it’s an interesting proposition.

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