About me…

A lover of technology with a fascination for the cultural, societal & business transformation that could be realized through responsible application of analytics.

I’ve spent nearly two decades building AI technologies which today underpin such solutions as IBM Watson. In recent years my primary focus has been on the analysis of human networks to deliver smarter, personalized and contextualized solutions for individuals and organizations. I am currently exploring ways that Blockchain can be leveraged to address the global challenges of privacy-protecting data exchange.

I’ve a long-standing love for the humanities and as a result I sit on advisory boards for the Digital Repository of Ireland at the Royal Irish Academy, and the Digital Arts & Humanities PhD Program at Trinity College Dublin.

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IMPORTANT: All opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not represent those of my employer.

6 Responses to “About me…”

  1. Marie – your TED talk was deeply moving and insightful for me, watching in the audience, and getting to watch you as we practiced whilst there at S.F. Jazz Center. I signed up for this blog and cited your talk. As a non-geek, former WSJ reporter I admire your capacity to make your research relevant to so many people.

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    • Thanks so so much Kare, this is a huge complement coming from someone of your caliber and experience. As a data scientist with a focus on people analytics, I feel a personal responsibility to ensure that my work “does no harm”, which to me means being open and transparent, respecting privacy, giving choice, supporting personal autonomy, and ensuring that my analytics improves people’s lives and doesn’t exploit or manipulate them. Being able to share that message on the TED stage was such a wonderful opportunity, made so much better because of the inspiring folks I was sharing the stage with. And I like to think that analytics (if done right) can help to serendipitously connect people and hence become an “opportunity maker”.


  2. Would love to talk in January :-) Will ping you separately via e-mail to organize.



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