The Future of Business Analytics; from Transactional to Interactional

“Over the last few months I’ve seen an increasing number of requests from folks who want to better understand what is going on across their enterprise social and collaboration networks with a view to “being smarter”, both at an individual and organizational level. Therefore, I thought it might be time to reprise this blog post from early 2013.

And I know, I’m a complete disaster for being overly optimistic on the readiness of the market to adopt a new innovation. The good news though… my predictions generally do come true, it just takes a bit longer than I anticipate. For example; In 2006 I demoed at Lotusphere my first IBM social recommender system, which we built as part of the European FP6 research project Nepomuk; a solution we lovingly called “SmartAss”, short for “Smart Assistant”, with the tagline “Why should your boss be the only one with an assistant” :-) Today there are recommender systems all over the place, and really smart Smart Assistants like IBM Watson changing how knowledge workers work.”

The Future of Business Analytics; from Transactional to Interactional

I’d like to start this blog post by quoting Geoffrey Moore from his paper A sea of change in Enterprise IT, “Systems of Record are no longer a source of competitive differentiation, but a necessary condition of doing business. The next stage enterprise IT will be enabled by Systems of Engagement that overlay and complement our deep investments in Systems of Record”. While Moore was referring to the business impact of third generation communications complemented by new collaboration capabilities, I believe his sentiment applies directly to the future of analytics.

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