Sentiment vs. Opinion? Content vs. People

I was following the Text Analytics Summit #TAS13 online over the last few days and it got me thinking about content analytics (which is where my interest in analytics started more than a decade ago) and the role of social & semantic graphs. I’ll be posting some thoughts on this next week, but this older post is on topic so I thought I would reshare.

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In the real world, when we think about sentiment we think about a person and their opinion. Joe hates X, while Jane loves it, and Frank is on the fence. When we want to reward our best customers (our brand advocates) or convert our detractors we again think about Joe, Jane and Frank. Yet in the virtual world of social media, the software programs that try to identify sentiment frequently only think about the content. The content is negative or the content is positive as though the content had a mind of its own. Actually if we really think about it, its kind of absurd. Now I appreciate that incorporating social analytics into the equation is non-trivial, however it’s hard to imagine us making any headway at all vis-a-vis social media engagement until we put social analytics (the people) up front and center. Some of the interesting challenges are:


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