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February 9, 2023

Joining Accenture… the next step on my journey

Innovation is what gets me up in the morning, but more specifically innovation that touches people’s lives in a personal and impactful way. As we move towards an increasingly digital world, the data we generate is rapidly growing in volume and in value; influencing our lives in ways that are often hard to predict and seemingly impossible to control. Data is the fuel that runs our corporations, our governments, and ultimately our society, driving innovation and transforming how services are delivered to us, from personalized healthcare to more efficient transportation, from improved retail experiences to transparency in our food supply. This transformation can be exciting or terrifying, and it’s our job as technologists to help ensure it’s the former.

So, when I left IBM, while I was unclear where I would end up, I did know that I wanted to continue to work in the decentralized identity space on use cases, technologies, and ecosystems that would put the individual at the center of the digital world, giving them greater access to their data and the agency to choose how it would be used.

And as luck would have it — who says that the world doesn’t have a plan for us all :-) — I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing folks from the Accenture team. Not only is Accenture a company that has the breadth, depth, and global footprint to make a real impact in any innovation space it chooses, it turns out that it is truly committed to empowering people with their own data and identity. They are approaching this challenge holistically, incrementally, pragmatically, and with the big picture in mind, building out the partnerships and contributing to the standards and open source initiatives required to turn self-sovereign identity into a reality. Their perspective on the metaverse as a continuum allows them to solve both immediate and long-term challenges, helping to build the foundation that will be required for responsible and trusted digital experiences, integrating digital capabilities into the physical world and physical realizations into the digital one.

So I’m really excited to announce that I will be joining Accenture as MD, Digital Identity Lead in the Metaverse Continuum Business Group. I get to continue to work on my passion project and contribute to our digital future. What more could you ask for…

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