Collaborative Analytics: Wrap-up from World of Watson

Last week I was in Las Vegas at IBM’s World of Watson (#ibmwow) and aside from leaving Vegas with feet that were covered toe to heel in plasters (band-aids for my American friends) I had a fantastic week; and I know I should know better at this stage than to go to a Vegas conference without really really comfortable walking shoes :-) I got to attend some great sessions and also, thanks in large part to having a demo stand this year, got to spend a lot of time talking with IBM customers and partners. My session on “Collaborative Analytics – the next frontier for Social and Collaboration Systems” was really interactive, which is always great, and I got to hear a diverse set of use cases for collaborative analytics.

Anyway, this is going to be a very short post and is really just about sharing a short video I’ve created for those folks who were not able to attend World of Watson. It’s a 10 minute video split between a 5 minute synopsis of my session on collaborative analytics and a 5 minute video of the demo we were showing at our stand. I hope that you find it helpful and if you want to know more please just reach out to me. As you may already know, I love talking about my work ;-)

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