A semantic perspective on the challenges of analyzing human networks

I’m currently sitting on a plane on my way back from Crete after attending the STI Semantic Summit; a bi-annual event where a small group of European academic leaders come together to imagine the future of semantics on areas such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, big data, social media, etc. They always invite a small number of industry practitioners into the discussion and I was lucky enough to be one such invitee. It was definitely time well spent as it’s rare to get access, in one sitting, to such a diverse group of academics; academics who collectively influence research budgets in the hundreds of millions of euro. Unsurprisingly I was there to talk about the analysis of human networks and to bring to the table some of the challenges that I believe could be alleviated by the application of smart semantic technologies. After touching on numerous issues, three were eventually short-listed for deeper discussion and those are the challenges I wanted to share with you.

  • Graph Modelling & Construction: Can semantic technology help us to simplify and speed up development, and hence innovation, for those looking to benefit from human networks and associated analysis?
  • Opening a Graph for Business: Can semantic technology help graph services more effectively integrate with other applications; the same applications that feed it data and expect it to answer questions?
  • Effectively Governing Use: Can semantic technology help us codify privacy in a way that will meet the needs of the individual and remove obfuscation, facilitate transparency, develop trust and maintain that trust over time?

In order to keep my posts short & snappy, as I generally try to do, I’m going to divide up the challenges into three separate blog posts, one covering each of the challenges.

One Comment to “A semantic perspective on the challenges of analyzing human networks”

  1. Such an Interesting post, Humans have numerous of networks, and the interconnected nodes of these networks have long played a crucial role. A final section considers Semantic technology are taking place upon Human networks, which is likely to be an important topic for development in the future.


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