It’s all kicking off at SMiLE London 2015, March 11th

In a few weeks time I’ll be in London at Simply Communicate’s SMiLE London 2015 exchanging ideas around social, collaboration, communications, with a lot of analytics thrown in for good measure. It’s my second time presenting at a SMiLE event and its always a pleasure to attend these sessions as they are highly engaging and have a format that is really conducive to knowledge sharing.

This year I’m going to be sharing my personal story of the last 18 months, where I’ve successfully built and launched a social network analysis solution that is helping IBM and IBMers to better understand how they can maximize the potential of the enterprise social network. I’ll be sharing the pain and the pleasure, because it ain’t all fun building these types of systems ;-)

I’m also hoping that we’ll have lots of engagement and critical dialog on the subject from what I know will be an active and passionate group of attendees with diverse backgrounds. If you’re not patient enough to wait until March 11th, then you can get a sense of what I’ll be covering from some of the attached links which reference my work. If you are already registered to attend, then I look forward to catching up with you. If not then get booking :-)


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