Back in the saddle… after a long hiatus.

Over the last few months I’ve been out-of-the-office and “on the road” speaking at some events (such as TED@IBM), working hand-in-hand with a number of clients on analytics engagements, and generally rolling up my sleeves and getting “dirty with data”, which is way more fun than it sounds :-)

As a result of all these travels I’ve been totally remiss in updating my blog and engaging across social channels (bad me). However the upside is that I now have lots of insights to share with folks, so to that end I will be writing a series of blog posts between now and end of year entitled “Analyzing your Enterprise Graph to…”. In these posts I will share different ways that you can analyze your enterprise graph (namely the data derived from your collaboration systems or “systems of engagement“) to generate business value.

It’s great to be back home (even if it’s bucketing down at the moment; you have to love the Dublin weather…) and look forward to engaging with folks out on the social channels over the coming months.

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