My guest post on the IBM Big Data Hub

The folks from the IBM Big Data Hub kindly invited me to write a guest blog post (TED@IBM Reimagining our World) to set some context behind my upcoming TED@IBM talk and to share our plans to externalize more of our story at IBM Insights later in the year.

It’s been a tumultuous year as we’ve both built and deployed our graph-based bigdata-enabled engagement analytics solution, but its been hugely satisfying most especially seeing our users embrace bigdata analytics and the value it can add to them. By taking a people-centric (“me” first) approach, we’ve engaged the individual in a way that we never could have by going the traditional top-down approach.

And while I am talking… I want to give a HUGE CALL-OUT to our Users (you know who you are). You’ve been so open, honest, and generous in your feedback and engagement. You’ve made the whole process of deploying this technology massively rewarding and fun!

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