Upcoming Tweet Chat: Turbo-charge your Enterprise with Social Network Analytics

It’s long been recognized that organizations with a highly engaged workforce significantly outperform those without. Yet despite this clear evidence that engagement is critical for business success, few companies are able to measure in real-time the levels of engagement across their business networks. In fact I would argue that data generated by systems of engagement, be that across social, collaboration, or business applications, is the most under-utilized data in the Enterprise.

Later this month I will be hosting the “People for a Smarter Planet” (#P4SPchat) tweet chat and will be joined by a panel of experts from across the globe all of whom will have an insightful perspective to share. The tweet chat is managed by the IBM Smarter Planet folks (@SmarterPlanet).

During the 60 minutes we will ask, what I hope to be, a series of probing questions that explore the untapped potential of social network analytics. If you are interested in this topic, please come and join us on Twitter. And we would love folks from both sides of the divide, so analytics sceptics are whole-heartedly invited to participate :-) You’ll find us at http://tweetchat.com/room/p4spchat. Below are the chat details.

Title: Turbo-charge your Enterprise with Social Network Analytics

Abstract: Historically when companies want to understand their business they analyze transactional data, however this only tells you WHAT the business does; to understand HOW the business works you need to analyze interactional data. With today’s explosion in social or collaboration data and with big data technologies, we now have the opportunity to capture and understand a myriad of people interactions. During this tweet chat we will discuss how social network analytics can help you gain deep insights into what drives your customers and employees so you can more effectively understand how the business works.

Date: April 24th @ 12:00 US ET (Register & add to calendar)

Expert Panel

Questions (questions in black, food for thought in pink)

  1. What can analysis of online interactions (social, collaboration, or comms footprint) tell us about an individual? — engagement, reputation, advocacy, personality, sentiment, …
  2. Can business benefit from piecing together online interactions into an enterprise graph? — improvements in ability to innovate, organizational effectiveness, engagement levels, information flow, retention risk, sentiment, …
  3. What are the greatest inhibitors to the success of social network analytics? What can we do to mitigate? — trust, technology, organization, privacy, data, proven use cases, …
  4. What should we do to address privacy concerns resulting from social network analytics? — self-regulation, leglislation, transparency, control, opt-in/opt-out, …
  5. Are you planning to leverage social network analytics in the next 12 months? If yes, why? If no, why not?

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