Look forward to seeing y’all next week @SentimentSymp

To quote directly from the opening paragraph of Seth Grimes recent article analyzing sentiment innovation; “What interests me are technologies that take on the thinking, feeling, social network of interconnected individuals. Built into business solutions and cognitive systems that “learn and interact naturally with people to extend what either humans or machine could do on their own” (IBM), these technologies enrich and enhance our personal and business interactions.”

This is exactly why IBM is excited to be sponsoring and presenting at this event. We believe that the future of analytics will be all about people – their opinions, devices, relationhips, needs, influences, preferences, experiences, … – all interconnected through the Internet of People and the Internet of Things. However data without analysis is just noise, so in IBM we are challenging ourselves to figure out exciting new ways this data can be leveraged to bring value to the individual, the business, and society as a whole.

For this event we will be focusing on Engagement Analytics with our keynote “Engagement: The Unspoken Connection” where we will be discussing new approaches to understanding the complex networks that describe the Internet (or Intranet) of People. And why engagement? Well according to numerous experts out there…

  • “Organizations with a highly engaged workforce significantly outperform those without.” Gartner
  • Engaged customers buy more, stay with you longer, and are more profitable than average customers, in good economic times and bad.” Gallup
  • Active citizenship is one of the most important steps towards healthy societies.” Open Society Foundations

So whether your focus is Smarter Workforce, Smarter Commerce, or Smarter Cities, we believe its critical to be able to measure individual engagement levels and to understand what is driving or inhibiting them. And effective engagement analytics allows you to identify actions that can increase engagement levels in a way that adds value to the individual, the community, and the business. And that is what we will be discussing next week. We look forward to meeting all of you during the event, and would invite you to reach out and connect to use on the various social channels. We are here to engage :-)

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