Any socialytics folks hiding in Dublin?

I was recently bemoaning the fact that most of my socialytics network are located thousands of miles from where I currently live in Dublin, Ireland. They are having way too much fun at a variety of meetups from Boston to San Francisco and everywhere in between. As much as I love connecting via social media there is nothing to substitute face-to-face dialog, ideally over a glass of wine or a cold beer. So I’ve decided that “enough is enough” and its time for us folks in Dublin to get in on some of the action. To that end, I’ve setup my very first meetup. It’s my first time dipping my toe into any community building activity, so wish me luck as there is a good chance I’m going to fall flat on my face :-/ However, as they say “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Anyway the meetup is called Dublin Innovators who love Enterprise Socialytics and is for anyone who is passionate about big data analytics and its application within the enterprise; specifically as it relates to analyzing human interactions (byproducts of collaboration & social networks) in order to drive a new class of analytics-driven business environment. I would like the meetups to provide an exciting forum for the technologist and the business innovator, providing cross-pollination between those that build content, social, semantic, and graph analytics and those that consume it to transform the business. The objective of the kick-off event is to bring together a small quorum of members to discuss how we want this community to evolve, and suggest topics and locations for subsequent meetups. I haven’t chosen a venue yet, although it will likely be held in downtown Dublin.

I’ve no idea if the reason I don’t know many socialytics folks in Dublin is because they don’t exist, they are in hiding, or I’m just living under a rock. So if you happen to be reading this and are interested OR you know of anyone who might be… please share this post! Thanks :-)

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  1. And woohoo!!! It appears that this is my 101st blog post :-)


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