Product licensing decisions are getting Social

As everyone who follows my social media activity will know I’ve got many bees in my bonnet. I blame my Irish-ness as we’re a grumpy old bunch and enjoy nothing more than a good old grumble. One of my favorite moans, after privacy, is probably the lack of progress enterprises have made (in comparison to the Internet) in applying social networks and analytics for business value (“Wake up Enterprise, the Internet is kicking our ass!“, a particularly vociferous rant from 18 months ago).

So I’m always on the look-out for solutions that leverage social networking and analytics to solve very specifically enterprise-focused business problems. A few months ago I bumped into the smart folks at IT Central Station who are leveraging community, crowdsourcing, social networks, and analytics to transform how companies make product licensing decisions. Since they know I’ve an opinion — too many you might suggest :-) — they invited me to share some of my perspectives on their blog through a guest post entitled “At last B2B is getting some of the social media action!“. I promise it’s a fairly upbeat post so check it out.

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