Official list of Innovation Lab demos @IBMConnect

In my last post I called out a few of the Innovation Lab demos that I thought might be interesting for the social business & analytics community, however this short list left out some really impressive demos which deserve calling out. Therefore, the Innovation Lab have kindly shared with me their official lab hand-out for me to share with folks. This gives you the complete list of demos that you are going to be treated to when you visit the Innovation Lab @ Asia 3 in the Dolphin.

For everyone else (myself included) who won’t be in Orlando, we can only read about the demos and feel hard done by for missing out on all the fun! :-)

Download the IBM Connect 2013 Innovation Lab hand-out here

List of demos:

  • Social Business Checkup (Kate Ehrlich)
  • Best Fit Expertise (Dan Gruen)
  • Social Media-Based Expertise Location (Uri Avraham)
  • Visualizing the Social Graph (Inbal Ronen)
  • Smart Social Q&A (Lin Luo)
  • Expediting Expertise (Jie Lu)
  • TwitterViz: Social Media Streams (Steven Rohall)
  • OmniProfiling of Customers from Social Media (Eben Haber)
  • Actionable Analytics for Community Leaders (Hernan Badenes)
  • Social Media Simulator (Maira Gatti)
  • clientfaces: 360 degree Client Experience Management (Rogerio de Paula)
  • Timeline Visualization for Case Management (Yannick Assogba)
  • Social Knowledge Management (Hiro Takagi)
  • Work Marketplace (Steve Dill)
  • 1×5 Enterprise Crowdfunding (Werner Geyer)
  • Social Pulse & IBMersWhoTweet (Casey Dugan)
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