Surprise surprise… Women rock @ social media!

Lotusphere / IBM Connect has now kicked off and is looking to be another exciting event. I am currently sitting in the keynote opening session listening to a really good rock band (can’t remember the name, I am such a music Neanderthal :-/). But before things get kicked off proper I wanted to share something with you.

In my last blog post I blabbed on about my own social analytics demo, but now I want to turn the spotlight onto my demo neighbours in the Innovation Lab (Dolphin / Asia 3). They are a really great bunch of guys from the IBM Research Haifa lab, the SaND (Social Network & Discovery) research team. They kindly gave me a sneak preview of their demo which I wanted to share here, just to whet everyone’s appetite.

Last week @alanlepo sent out a very succinct on-topic Twitter post “Do you have your information floatation device ready? streams. streams. streams. Everywhere streams.” to which I responded “No floatation device, but I will have a great Activity Streams Analytics demo next to me in the Innovation Lab :) from @ido_guy” and its that demo that I want to preview here.

This year the SaND team decided that they were going to apply their social analytics research (the same research that underpins our social anaytics platform in IBM Connections) on Activity Streams => enterprise micro-blogging, tasks, comments, activities, … By collaborating with their colleagues from IBM Content Analytics, who have some very cool content analytics services, they were able to apply…

  • Content Analytics to derive insight from individual pieces of content passing through the enterprise stream of consciousness.
  • Social Network Analysis to uncover social interactions.
  • Organizational Analytics to bring it all together.

and through this combination of analysis, they were able to uncover valuable insights from “streams. streams. streams. Everywhere streams” :)

But, back to the title of this blog post… Well surprisingly, one of the insights discovered (maybe not too surprising for most of the women out there) but women are way more social and more positive than men!

So women, keep up the good work ’cause you rock @ social media!

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