December 14, 2014

5 Reasons Facebook Shouldn’t Come to Work

Marie Wallace:

In this post Louise McGregor (@changememe) succinctly calls out 5 of the privacy issues that “Facebook at Work” raises; all issues that will have to be addressed by Facebook if they are serious about transitioning into the workplace. Can they completely change their attitude to privacy and data and will it be believed? Only time will tell.

Originally posted on Change Meme:

According to TNW Facebook wants to come to work. They’re working on something called “Facebook at Work“. Thinking about this from the perspective of a large company this seems a bad idea for all sorts of reasons; here are five.

1. Privacy; Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously said “Privacy is dead”. That doesn’t inspire me to put company sensitive information on their network.

2. Privacy; EU legislation is tougher in relation to privacy than the US. For example I cannot require anyone in my team to give me their twitter handle. I cannot use personnel data to search through social media to find more about our employees. Facebook claims this will be separate, but I can see employees creating a work specific account, defeating facebook’s goal of connecting everyone.

3. Privacy; I strongly suspect that using personal accounts to login to a work system won’t fly with the…

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