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August 27, 2020

IBM Digital Health Pass goes live!

I’ve been talking, for what seems like forever, about decentralized identity and the democratization of the data supply chain, so I’m super excited to announce that the IBM Watson Healthcare decentralized identity solution, IBM Digital Health Pass, is now available. You can find out more on the IBM product page,, and over the coming weeks I’ll start sharing more details about the solution and the use cases that it can help realize. However, let me quickly share a quick list of what it is, and what it isn’t.

IBM Digital Health Pass is…

  • A platform that allows privacy-preserving data exchange for a variety of healthcare use cases, built on decentralized identity technology.
  • It follows the w3c DID specification and the w3c Verifiable Credentials data model.
  • Data exchange happens on the edge, where data subject is their own data controller
  • Data exchange can happen via QR Codes to support flexible data exchange, including air-gapped for public settings or paper for those without smartphones.
  • A rules engine allows issuers to consume verifiable credentials, apply business logic, and generate a new derived credential, such as a Health Pass which assigns a status according to business logic and which can also leverage rules defined by health agencies, such as CDC, NIH, or WHO.
  • Health Passes are privacy preserving and do not require exchange of personally identifiable information.

IBM Digital Health Pass is not…

  • Collecting or storing any personally identifiable information.

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